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Good food

Steven, 11 Jan 2020

Very nice pizzas

Ellie, 04 Jan 2020

Great value for money and good quality pizza

Angie, 10 Dec 2019

Lovely pizzas

Joe, 08 Dec 2019

good deals, nice taste ;)

Agusia, 07 Dec 2019


Nkem, 06 Dec 2019

Had pizza from here and everyone loved it goats cheese pizza especially

Stacey, 01 Dec 2019

First order! Speedy And yum!

Rebecca, 19 Nov 2019

Very nice pizza

Sarah, 26 Oct 2019

Nice, hot food! All good

David, 26 Oct 2019


Oliver, 23 Mar 2019

Excellent service

Andrew, 15 Mar 2019

Love it

Rhiann, 13 Mar 2019

We love your pizza! Absolutely delicious and fantastic service

Abby, 24 Feb 2019

Good food. Served hot and soon after expected time. Coleslaw portion a bit small but other than that - all good.

Jayne, 22 Feb 2019

our new favourite place to order pizza from!

Oliver, 21 Feb 2019

Took 70 mins but is a very nice pizza


Took 70 minutes but is a very nice pizza


Food was late but it was very nice worth the wait


Had pizza from here before. Delicious. Friends have said how amazing the pizzas are. Thank you.


Great food and really good value for money


Love your pizza!! Thank you so much x


I like it Delicious food


I went in Sunday evening to purchase some quick food, as it had been a long day at work and I was tired and hungry. As soon as I entered the owner, whose name I didn't get, back-flipped over the counter and immediately started cooking my order. I told him he was having a laugh, but he explained that the pizza was so good naturally, the only way he could improve his customer service skills was to mix parkour into the shop and psychically take customer orders. This, he told me honestly, meant that people spent less time deciding and waiting, and more time anticipating the goodness that was about to grace their taste buds. I did not argue with him on this. So I'm clear, his wife was also there, and I didn't argue with her either as she was friendly, smiling and working diligently. There was a small child watching something on a phone out of sight, which is okay. I am a fan of Paw Patrol. Easily one of the best fast food places in Newhaven at the time of writing this. Mainly because other places are so set in their ruts, the extra effort and style set the bar a little higher than what you'd expect. Now, the pizza was actually really good. The fries were standard thorough-fare, so won't be harshly judged. The nice surprise was the garlic dip included with the pizza, which was actually appreciated. Added bonuses include the pizza base not becoming wet/gross over time, so it held its shape and consistency well which means you don't waste any or dread getting to that last slice and finding it being soggy. Flavour was solid all the way through, and the whole thing was cooked hot, crispy but not burnt. I'll probably try them again and go through the menu more in-depth next time. Bravo, We Knead.


Good food.


A delicious pizza with plenty of topping. Arrived on time and a polite delivery guy.